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About Us

FRIGO TRANS SERVICE company produces upgrades on commercial vehicles since 2000.

In 2012, we moved from workshop in Kašina ino our new working space of 1000m2 with a fenced area of 4000 m2 in Goričica – Zelina.

Since our foundation we are known for the great quality and seriousness of our service in a sustainable way within the agreed price and lead time.

On the vehicles we upgrade: refrigerators, aluminum boxes, crates for transport of express consignments, furniture, paper…

We refitt vans for the transport of the deceased. We install high-quality cooling devices with large cooling capacity and with fast achievement of the set temperature. We install a data logger to print temperature in the cargo hold.

In the tradition of our business, we have created a large number of stationary cooling chambers completed with panels and cooling systems. Servicing of stationed cooling chambers is available 0-24 every day. For any upgrade,we issue the necessary attestations and certificates of ATP.

We look forward to your inquiries and we will offer you our best solutions and adapt to your needs.

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